tommy's eyes (alternative4) wrote in fame_academy,
tommy's eyes

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need to vent...

ok, i just joined this community like five minutes ago but i really need to say this.


there ya go. every week he comes out with his stupid little shirt, that pathetic tie, those beady eyes, that pathetic hairdo, and every time i want to smash my fucking fist through the tv. he's not original, he's not talented, he's just a total waste of space. even the "indie types" i know think he's an embarrassment. i hate him with a passion.

thank you for listening...i might as well say something positive while i'm here.

alex is great. cute, stroppy, and cornish. oh, and she has a great voice. what more can you ask?
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OK, I'm not a member of this community although I watch Fame Academy, and I just want to say how right you are.

He completely murdered the Cure's Friday I'm in Love, and he just looked pathetic and irritating and I'm glad he's gone.

I just needed to vent that somewhere ;)


October 4 2003, 15:19:30 UTC 14 years ago

Alex pretended to be a dyke so people would find her unique, her voice is shakey and annoying and she ruined the Coldplay song "Yellow", I want her to die for winning, Ali shoulda won.

Also Alex is a big baby who cries and moans when she doesn't get what she wants "I wanted to do the group thing boo hoo wahhhhh!" someone smash her.

And yeah, Peter is a freak, he falls over and twitches n shit and everyone falls for it and he wear pathetic clothes. And he cheated on his gf and didn't give a SHIT.