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wooo i will post here as well.

Peter - Is great! obviously. He mostly shouts and jumps about instead of actually singing the songs but when he just sings he has a great voice. I don't know if he will win i hope he does but hes going to be famous whatever he does. My fave! :D

Alex - First impressions i loved her hair! She has a great voice. I think she might end up winning. I started to not like her but i cant hate her shes to sweet. She will go far!

James - Nothing to interesting about james he has a good voice but he has nothing about him to make him stand out. Average.

Simone - She should have been out weeks ago, extremely boring with a dull voice. I don't know why she is still there its obvious the public hate her she should do us all a favour and just leave by herself.

Louise - She is really pretty and i think that is the only reason why she is still there. Her voice isn't anything special. She could get a bit futher from her looks..maybe she could look into modelling instead?

Alistair - He has a good voice still i don't think hes very exciting, hes a bit to quiet. I hope he goes futher but i don't think he will make it as a singer.

Carolynne - She can sing but shes boring. Nothing new here either. She claims to be rock pop? hmm i don't think so where exactly is she rock? Her look obviously is NOT rock. I don't see many rock stars that look like they should be on 'footballers wives'. Average again.

Paris - Good voice if you like prince. Which i don't so he doesn't appeal to me whatsoever. His voice never changes he doesnt do anything different its the same each week. Also hes far to slimy, i wish he wasn't a favourite.

Barry - I didn't like him at all to start with, hes sort of growing on me but still i don't like him hes just not my kind of thing. He doesn't look comfortable when hes on the stage either.

Did i miss anyone there? hmm dunno. I think Gary should have stayed he had a good voice but he was to cocky.
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